03:06 animated video // augumented reality. 2021- ongoing.
Ivy is a symbol of immortality and of passing time. It is an evergreen being, an indestructible cycle of nature that has survived the Ice Age. Perhaps that is the reason why it is so popular in dystopian science fiction visuals of the future where nature takes control over destroyed planet. Pop culture visualizations of upcoming "end of the world" are full of evergreen liana species climbing over abandoned urban agglomerations. Recent studies of forest biodiversity show, that ivy is benefiting from increasing concentration of emissions and heat in the atmosphere more than ever before. The climbing plant spreads little by little in ecosystems. She hugs trees with her aerial root system and clinges to surfaces using nanotechnology. Majestic ivy plants climb vertically, following the sun, to complete photosynthesis. Collecting nutrients wherever they go, they spread horizontally too across the earth surface. The expansion of liana species is a direct response to warming climate, according to an environmental study by a research team led by ecologist Michael Perring. The research, published in 2020, was based on research samples from across Europe.The study is based on data collected from 1933 to 2015 and says: In areas where warmer temperatures have been recorded, ivy expansion has been also noted. Lianas could be a group that could strongly benefit from climate change. Their presence and productivity have increased significantly over the last decades. Higher concentrations of emissions mean more material for plants to work with - and to grow. Expansion of liana species, so called lianification, is a global phenomenon. Could it be that dystopian scenarios are actually not that far off? The world degrades, decays, slowly disintegrates...slowly and gradually...and maybe overgrows by ivy roots.

CREDITS: art direction, 3D visualisation, animation: Paula MalinowskA, voice: aneta bočková, text editor: Jelisaveta rapaic, TEchnical sound support: Ján siman, MODEL: MICHAELA KALISKÁ​​​​​​​

Installation of the project. There is no end To what a living world Will demand of you*, Kunsthalle Bratislava, 2022. photo by Adam Šakový