05:13 min 3D animated videoloop. 2021. 

short overview. please contact me for full video link.

Video was created for one-evening event titled NOWLESSNESS act iii: hot in here (2021). Event was a part of nowlessness project initiated by artist Ľuboš Kotlár and presented a group of artists that question the modernist duality nature/culture from multiple perspectives (new materialism, queer theory, speculative design). Event was constituted as a site-specific installation, creating a post-apocalyptic space in fallout shelter under Kunsthalle Bratislava. The project by its concept and the character of the works arrangements created a temporary contemplative situation, where the dualities between analog/digital, biological/artificial, cultural/natural, male/female are being erased. The event was a collaboration between Kunsthalle Bratislava, OFF Bratislava and NOC.
(excerpt from curatorial text by Ľuboš Kotlár and Erik Vilím)
 CREDITS: art direction: Luboš Kotlár, 3D modeling, animation: Paula Malinowska, music: NaiKavols, video edit:Vladimíra Vrbiňáková, model: Matej Grznár, dramaturgy: Katarína K. Cvečková ​​​​​​​
Y:Survive! event series, 27.11.2023 Prague