10 min of fictional memory re-construction. soundscape by andrej Žabkay. video edit by vladimŕa vrbiňáková
Cellular memory hypothesis states that memories are stored not only in the brain, but in every single cell of the body. What does the body of a jellyfish, whose cells have the ability to reverse the life cycle, remember? The work uses the elements of fiction as something that does not necessarily belong to visions of the future. The short animated film is a fictional re-construction of a memory of a dead body of medusa that I found washed ashore in Portugal in June 2023. Walking these beaches at that time was motivated by trying to come to terms with unexpected loss of beloved person. Inspired by the ability of cellular transdifferentiation of immortal jellyfish (t.dorhii), the cgi animated film questions notion of (im)mortality and speculatively explores existence of planetary memory. In hybrid consciousness of human and medusa, the finitude of individual body means morphing into the other. Here, our common memory is source of all of the unknown and of the familiar residing at the bottom of ocean.

short overview. please contact me for full video link.

Will I Ever Look Into You Eyes Again? Šopa Gallery, Košice, 2024

june 2023, Caparica, Portugal.

This project was Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.